All organisations recognise the need for new skills, attitudes and working practices when confronting new conditions.

Top managers and chief executives are coming to realise that change has to be total if it is to be effective. But the route each institution takes needs to differ according to their history and needs. Training should be designed to fit individual circumstances. The uniting factor, underpinning all training for staff, boards, advisory bodies and individuals, should be on:
  • achieving equality,
  • releasing potential
  • maximising corporate benefit.

Naseem Khan has delivered training sessions on managing cultural diversity for a range of bodies – the national network of UK area museums councils, the Arts Council of England and management training courses. In December 2009, she was invited to deliver workshops for the Australia Council for the Arts in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, and for Creative New Zealand in Wellington and Auckland.

Training and lecturing:
   Bishopsgate Institute
   Victoria and Albert Museum
   University of Exeter
   Arts Council of England
   City University, London
   South Bank University
   University of Westminster
• Feasibility
• Assessment
• Impact

• Skills enhancement
• Organisational change

• Cross sector perspectives
• International work

• Journalism
• Publications
• Editing

• Emerging issues
• Debate

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