Naseem Khan has combined research/policy work as a journalist and broadcaster, both on staff and as an independent freelance.

Her weekly column in the New Statesman in the 1980s - Work in Progress - ran for three years and profiled areas of creativity that generally did not reach the review columns – from the sophisticated planning for the annual Notting Hill Carnival to folk singers in the North of England, from the growth of the Arts and Health movement to Andy Goldsworthy’s winter residency on Hampstead Heath before that artist became a world name. She has always liked to work with emerging movements – from her days as Theatre Editor of Time Out when the new experimental theatre was erupting all over London, to the days when, with a group of colleagues, she established and ran The Hustler, an early black newspaper, in London’s Notting Hill. More recently, her 2010 monograph ’Who is Arnold Circus?’ brought the extraordinary lives of Sir Arthur and Edwin Arnold out of the shadows.

Naseem Khan is a seasoned editor, having worked as such with Faber and Faber and then copy-edited special projects on the Observer. More recently, she co-edited ‘Voices of the Crossing – the impact of Britain on writers from the Caribbean, Asia and Africa’ with Ferdinand Dennis. In 2008, she commissioned think-pieces from nine international experts on the theme of leadership for the Cultural Leadership Programme, and wrote an extended framing introduction available as ’Equality, Leadership, Possibilities: Addressing social change’ .

She blogs for the Guardian’s Comment is Free (Faith), and logs her own discoveries of the ageing process in her own blog, ’Ageing Exploring’

‘The Arts Britain Ignores’ Naseem Khan, CRC 1976
- ‘Asians in Britain: widening the picture’ (working title), Naseem Khan and Tim Smith, Dewi Lewis, 2004
- ‘Voices of the Crossing’ with Ferdinand Dennis. Serpents Tail, 2000
- ‘Connections and Disconnections’ (editor) V & A conference papers 2004

Contributions to publications:
‘Dreams and Deconstructions: Alternative Theatre in Britain’ ed Sandy Craig. Amber Lane, 1980
- ‘My Guy to Sci Fi: Genre and Women’s Writing in the Post-modern World’ ed Helen Carr. Harper Collins 1989
- ‘Whose Cities? Ed Mark Fisher and Ursula Owen, Penguin, 1991
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- ‘The Turning World: Stories from the London International Festival of Theatre‘ (Gulbenkian). 2005
- ‘Connections and Disconnections: Victoria and Albert Museum‘ conference report. Edited and wrote intro. 2006
- ‘The Road to Interculturalism: Tracking the arts in changing times‘ (Comedia/Rowntree) 2006
- ‘Intercultural Dialogue(s) on Europe‘ ed. A-M Autissier 2008
- ‘Being British - and Becoming British‘ essay in ‘Britishness: the Search for the Values that Bind the Nation‘, ed. Gordon Brown. and Matthew d‘Ancona. 2009
- ‘Arnold Circus Ghosts‘, essay in ‘Ambient Information Systems‘ ed. Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel (AIS). 2009
- ‘Visions and Roadmaps: changes in heritage and diversity‘, essay in ‘Embedding Shared Heritage‘, HDTF report, GLA, Dec 2009
- ‘Who is Arnold Circus?: a guide to Arthur Arnold, his brother, and his Circus.‘, designed by Alexandre Bettler.( FOAC 2010
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